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Areas of Specialty

Co-parenting, fathers, eHealth, health literacy, implementation, randomized controlled trial

Josdalyne Anderson

Breastfeeding, risk factors, low milk supply, toolkits

Michelle R. Asbury

Human milk composition, microbiome, preterm infants, systems biology

Human milk, microbiome, breastfeeding, systems biology, birth cohorts

Jo-Anna Baxter

Human milk composition, vulnerable mothers, global health and nutrition, maternal diet, infant nutrition, breastfeeding practices

Baby-Friendly Initiative, skin-to-skin contact, infant pain management, randomized controlled trials, implementation research 

Jodie Bigalky

Human milk, infant nutrition, milk expression, breastfeeding, lactation, qualitative

Donor human milk, early life exposures, breastfeeding self-efficacy, microbiome, patient-oriented research

Inter-professional education, innovative learning, therapeutic communication, health promotion

Effective support, problem resolution, maternal mental health, breastfeeding difficulties

Sara Dalley

Awareness, education

Breastfeeding self-efficacy, randomized controlled trial, exclusivity

Anne Drover

Vulnerable groups, substance exposed, child protection, foster care

Maternal Satisfaction, at-risk mothers, maternity shelters, supports, younger mothers, older mothers

Breastfeeding and diabetes, antenatal breast milk expression, reducing non-medical supplementation

Jane Francis

Lactation support interventions, community nutrition, infant food insecurity, implementation research, mixed methods, health equity

Maternal and Infant food insecurity, social welfare policy

Nancy Feeley

NICU, parents & parenting during hospitalization, nurse-parent relationship

Laura Haiek

Baby-friendly initiative for term and preterm infants

Breastfeeding, lactation, breast milk production, preterm infants

Baby-friendly initiative, breastfeeding, vulnerable population, health promotion, brain development, disaster, displacement, policies, advocacy

Breastfeeding challenges, breastfeeding and intimate partner violence, breastfeeding and mothering

Human milk, microbiome, nutrition and metabolism, obesity programming

Breastfeeding self-efficacy, infant feeding and Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, breastfeeding interventions

Alison Mildon

Community-based lactation support for underserved populations

Equity, access to care, quality care, perinatal care, marginalized mothers, nursing care

Payam Peymani

Medication, data mining, epidemiology, pharmacoepidemiology

Maryam Razaghi

Pasteurized human donor milk, supplementation, well-baby unit, exclusive breastfeeding, infant temperament, milk cortisol

Christina Ricci

Exclusive breastfeeding, epidemiology, policy, lactation support, Canadian rates

Critical feminist breastfeeding studies, gender stratification, sociology of gender, work, and family

Misty Rossiter

Responsive Feeding

Breast-milk derived extracellular vesicles, asthma, cell and molecular biology

Maternal chronic disease, epidemiology, breastfeeding goals

Food security, social support, pre-term

Evidence-based practices, BHFI, breastfeeding promotion, breastfeeding support, breastfeeding self-efficacy, knowledge translation

Garry Shen

Breastfeeding, diabetes, pregnancy, Indigenous, rural communities, lifestyle education

Breastfeeding, breastfeeding continuation, breastfeeding exclusivity, baby friendly hospital initiative, hospital practices, breastfeeding support, milk expression

Laurie Twells

Breastfeeding protection and support, BFI, health policy, hospital practices

Maternal & child nutrition, infant feeding, responsive feeding, global health, public health nutrition, fortification

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